Invest in an Instituion of People to the Ends of the Earth — Donate to Build People, Communities, and Education Systems

Invest in SeekersHub Toronto and help build an institution of transformative benefit!

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Charity does not diminish wealth.”

As part of the Ends of the Earth Campaign launched by SeekersHub Global, we seek your support in helping us build this institution of excellence in education.

Support SeekersHub Toronto in promoting beautiful Islamic knowledge, grounded in Prophetic teachings, and implemented in community work.

SeekersHub Toronto provides Knowledge Without Barriers by making all our courses and educational services – online and on the ground – completely FREE. Help spread Knowledge Without Barriers through your monthly support or one-time donation.

Renovations Update

SeekersHub Toronto has acquired a new, bigger and more central location in Mississauga to be able to accommodate and serve the growing number of seekers, with excellence.

This new premise will help us bring our vision to reality: To inspire transformation through the shining light of Prophetic guidance.

We need your support to make this new centre become a reality by meeting our goal for renovations of $50,000 CDN.

To donate, CLICK HERE and select the "Renovations" Option.

Monthly General Donations Update

Currently there are over 100 committed monthly donors, contributing a total of $2768 every month for the continued sustenance, growth and development of this unique institution. There still remains over $4,400 CDN of monthly donations to secure.

We seek your support and urge you to become a monthly donor today and help us build this institution of excellence. Help us continue spreading Knowledge Without Barriers.

To donate, CLICK HERE and input the monthly amount of your preference.

Operational Costs Update

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In a memorable & moving gathering, Habib Ali al-Jifri, Dr. Umar Abd-Allah, and Shaykh Yahya Rhodus visit SeekersHub Toronto and share words of encouragement and inspiration for students, volunteers, and donors.